Product Development

Product Development :

GM Exports is a private limited company, the Product Development team is dedicated to delivering a quality product matching Customers’ design. They will translate the Customer’s design into patterns, grade those patterns, make prototype samples and continue submitting samples until the Customer is fully satisfied.

Well-established vendor connection along with great teamwork makes The GM Exports specialist in sourcing. This also allows the company to explore the unexplored possibilities of sourcing the best garments. GM Exports keeps its zeal intact in line with those who pioneered insourcing.

Production :

After the Customer’s sample approval, the fabrics, trims, etc are issued to Production. During this phase, the GM Exports Quality Contro team will work tirelessly to ensure adherence to the garment specifications, including, but not limited to, accessories (labels, hangtags, etc), garment size, seam allowances, skewing, and shrinkage. Every garment will be checked against the approved specifications. Garments meeting specifications are then be packed and shipped to the Customer. All checking is done at the Customer’s specified AQL (Accepted Quality Level).

We help the buyers to carefully examine the practices of the manufacturer, carry out a background check and then place the order. Vendor selection is one of the key successes of all our endeavors, we select ISO certified manufacturers and suppliers who display the competitive price. We ensure that the garments meet the social-environmental compliances approved by SEDEX.

Product Development In Bulk

On the receipt of approval on samples, the process for product development in bulk is initiated. We develop the product according to the buyer’s requirements and specifications. Along with the product, we attach a tag that has all the important data about the product as well as the wash and cares instructions.

GM Exports works closely with local fabric mills and accessory suppliers to arrange for all fabrics, trims, etc matching the client’s design and quality specifications. For garments requiring imported fabric and accessories, GM Exports will import the same from the nominated suppliers.

Logistics & Shipment Follow Up

Our logistics department handles all the documents regarding the shipping of the product. We ensure that we have the correct shipping documents and get prior approval from the client before and post-shipment. This ensures trouble-free delivery to the destination. We also record our follow-ups which saves time. The GM Exports sends out shipping advice with all relevant details of the shipment to ensure a smooth delivery.

Pakistan has world-class air and seaports and a central location on the world shipping routes give GM Exports the edge in shipping the finished goods quickly and economically to any part of the world. We ensure smooth and timely deliveries by leveraging Karachi’s strategic location with our intimate knowledge of Customs and security regulations and our long-term relationships with reputable shipping lines and logistics companies.

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